Mapping FinTech Austria 2018


Release date: June 2018.Out of 162 indexed FinTech companies, 85 have HQ registered in Austria within the main hubs: Vienna and Graz. Of these companies 64% involve a B2C business model, 29% target B2B (or B2B2C) whereas 7% went out of business. See below for more details.

More details

Report Outline: You can access the full report on the FinTech ecosystem in Austria by clicking the following link.

Market Overview: The Austrian FinTech ecosystem shows a steady growth in the number of companies and a consolidation in its organizations on the background of strong governmental support.

Market Insights: Crowdfinance accounts for 26,2% of the analyzed Austrian FinTech followed by other financial services (including bookkeeping) with 15,5%, whereas Crypto and Payment Solutions have shares of 13,1% each.


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