Fintech Insights

Together with the best experts and entrepreneurs across the world, we have created Fintech insights to share in-depth analysis of regional trends in Fintech. We are building our reports and mapping based on millions of data that our algorithms analyze in real time and the expertise of people on the ground who contribute to shape the future of Banking. By doing so, we are able to provide you with the highest standard of researches in all topics related to Digital Banking, Payments, InsurTech, Blockchain, Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy and more.

FIs is the research portal of INVYO, the most advanced market intelligence platform in FinTech.


  • While the Fintech waves have reached most countries in the world, the need to understand local Fintech specificities is stronger than ever. For me, Fintech insights is the perfect platform to share this type of local insights with global connections, and I am proud to be part of the network.

    Chloé Gueguen Fintech Expert MENA

Fintech experts

  • Samarth Shekhar
    Samarth Shekhar Fintech Expert Europe
  • Minh Q. Tran
    Minh Q. Tran Insurtech Expert
  • Lior Derhy
  • Sophie Zellmeyer
    Sophie Zellmeyer FINTECH EXPERT FRANCE
  • Cristina García
    Cristina García Insurtech Expert Spain
  • Gill Harris
    Gill Harris Fintech Expert MENA
  • Alexandre Velut
    Alexandre Velut Fintech Explorer
  • Chloe Gueguen
    Chloe Gueguen Fintech Expert AFRICA
  • Carmen Balazs
    Carmen Balazs Fintech Expert CEE

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