European Fintech Briefing 2018


Release date: February 2019. The report focuses on the funding activity of all European FinTech start-ups during 2018. A brief overview is shared on the most funded Fintech and the most active VC investors in the industry. The report also look at the notable M&A deals that occured last year. See below for more details.

More details

Report Outline: In this brief, INVYO partnered with the Fintech Forum, a leading Fintech hub in Continental Europe, to provide you with a year in review of all the major announcements made in Fintech at a European level.

Market Overview: The UK still led Europe during 2018 in Fintech investments, mainly driven by Worldpay’s acquisition ($12,8B) and Funding Circle’s IPO ($2,4B).

Mapping: Out of 3,500+ indexed FinTech companies in Europe, the report highlights the 3 most funded start-ups in each category. You will also learn that out of the top 10 most funded companies in Fintech, 60% of them are based in the UK.

Market Insights: Digital banking was the hottest segment for Fintech, with nearly 50% (in value) of total investments caught during 2018.


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