Fintech in Emerging Markets – Case Studies – Q12018


Release date: March 2018. Techfoliance, in partnership with The Business Year (TBY), brings you a spotlight report focusing on emerging financial technologies in under reported markets. We reveal trends and case studies by reflecting on the commonalities and differences across regions in order to understand the bigger picture of why and how Fintech start-ups are becoming successful in emerging markets.

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Report Outline: For this report, Techfoliance, in partnership with TBY, conducted interviews with local professionals and entrepreneurs to understand how Fintech is ensuring success by targeting new or underserved markets.

Market Overview: With barrier to entry radically lowered, many now hold the key to financial inclusion in the palm of their hands. Indeed, it appears that Fintech is democratizing money management, and opening up the floor to more and more entrants in emerging economies specifically.

Market Insights: The report will first look at how Fintech is addressing the needs of minority groups with a focus on solutions provided to migrants, women or rural communities. We then look at the rise of demand-driven financial services that can contribute to teach people the basics of finance or overcome the lack of financial infrastructures. Lastly, we analyze how Fintech can tackle the challenges facing governments across the world.

Case studies: An in-depth analysis on the challenges and opportunities observed by 45+ companies and organizations in markets like South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Singapore or Russia, among others.

Partner Profile: The Business Year (TBY) is a global media group specializing in economic news, research on national economies, and business intelligence across emerging markets. With operations in over 35 countries, TBY brings first-hand insights to investors, businesses, and governments worldwide.


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