Country deep-dive analysis – Austrian FinTech ecosystem – Q22018


Release date: June 2018. The report focuses on the FinTech start-ups relevant for Austria by mapping them in different categories. A brief overview is shared on the financial industry, policy and regulatory environment in the country. The report also look at the corporate startup engagement and main trends. See below for more details.

More details

Report Outline: For this report, our parent company INVYO, in partnership with the Fintech researcher Carmen Balazs, have conducted on the ground interviews with professionals and entrepreneurs to provide you in-depth analysis of Austria’s Fintech ecosystem.

Market Overview: The Austrian FinTech ecosystem shows a steady growth in the number of companies and a consolidation in its organizations on the background of strong governmental support.

Mapping: Out of 162 indexed FinTech companies, 85 have HQ registered in Austria within the main hubs: Vienna and Graz. Of these companies 64% involve a B2C business model, 29% target B2B (or B2B2C) whereas 7% went out of business.

Market Insights: The local banking industry follows international trends and responds rather by setting up cooperation with the startups as by buying such companies. The largest banks and insurance companies have various models of scouting and implementing new banking possibilities –sourced either locally or abroad.

Expert Profile: Exploring and promoting cross-linking of innovative business models in financial technology and real estate, Carmen Balazs has her roots as a real estate professional in the CEE region. Taking on the theories of disruptive innovation and business model creation, her interest soon turned to FinTech in all its forms. Her expertise stays the research on the newest players on the market.


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