The Egyptian Fintech ecosystem


Release date: February 2018. Building on insights gathered through discussions with various digital finance providers in Egypt, this report will provide you with a detailed mapping of key stakeholders in the Egyptian digital finance ecosystem. You will also access an historical look at the way digital finance is ‘reversing the pyramid’ to financially include the poor in one of the world’s oldest societies.

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Report Outline : For this report, Fintech insights, in partnership with the Fintech expert Chloé Gueguen, have conducted interviews with professionals and entrepreneurs in Egypt’s Fintech sector.

Market Overview : In a country counting only 8-9 million mobile money accounts and where cash remains king, opportunities to increase digital finance uptake and usage remain vast, and exciting for new entrants looking to break into this untapped market.

Mapping : A detailed overview of 40+ players in the Egypt’s Fintech sector, ranging from Fintech start-ups, Banks, MNOs, Universities, Investors, Accelerators to Microfinance institutions and Regulators.

Market Trends : This report will provide you an historical look at four recent dynamics in the Egyptian digital finance ecosystem: from a ‘stand-alone’ to a ‘collaborative’ approach to digital financial inclusion.

Expert Profile : Chloé Gueguen is a Fintech specialist and a relentless advocate of leveraging advances in digital and mobile technology to create meaningful financial solutions for low-income people. Convinced that Digital Financial Services (DFS) and financial inclusion share the same DNA, she co-launched the ‘Fintech TWIN$’ initiative (for “Tech World Investing in iNclusive finance$”), a Fintech road-trip and research project comparing FinTech ecosystems by interrogating, on the ground, those Fintech startups, banks and MNOs who innovate in inclusive digital finance. Previously working as a Market Insights Manager for the GSMA Connected Women programme, Chloé contributed to various research projects and worked directly with mobile operators to address the barriers to women accessing mobile money and mobile internet in Africa. Chloé holds an MBA and has relocated to Cairo to further explore advances in digital financial inclusion across Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

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  1. Amon

    Great report for those who want to have a first look at the main FinTech players in Egypt, and better understand major trends in digital finance (mobile payments, regulatory landscape, etc.).

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