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Paris, June 12th, 2018

Our parent company INVYO, the first market intelligence platform in FinTech, is proud to announce the official release of its mapping of FinTech players in Austria. The landscape is brought to you in partnership with Carmen Balazs, a FinTech researcher specialized in the CEE region.

Out of 162 indexed FinTech companies, 85 have HQ registered in Austria within the main hubs: Vienna and Graz. Of these companies 64% involve a B2C business model, 29% target B2B (or B2B2C) whereas 7% went out of business.

Crowdfinance accounts for 26,2% of the analyzed Austrian FinTech followed by other financial services (including bookkeeping) with 15,5%, whereas Crypto and Payment Solutions have shares of 13,1% each.
You can download the mapping and access the full country analysis below:


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